Monday, May 28, 2012

This photo was taken with my iPhone, and I felt so comfortable posing for these photos (This is not the only one.) I love Photography and I am very passionate about it. I love taking photos; I am the kind of photographer who would take a picture of something more abstract than abstract. I love fashion photography; playing the role of model, and mostly, photographer. We all know that pictures speak a million words, but are we ever concerned with the particular voices in them? The words they're saying, and whether or not they are from pain or happiness?

I am drawn towards pictures from which I can hear the voices, and relate to the emotions exuding there from. It's emotional for me, and I believe that modelling carries the same amount of emotion with it. You can just see, not only by the eyes, when a model is representing 'sex' or depicting 'nostalgia' in the photo. It matters most, and it is important to find a comfortable zone behind the lens, because if you don't loosen up to the flash- give your all- the picture is going to be missing so much. It's important to recognize the qualities within you, most apt to entice, that you want to bring out in a photo, moreover you should learn to accept guidance, and directions from those, who are wiser than you. Also, relent of the mindset that you cannot be told how and when to do things, accept your position in the world, and remember, the best picture is the one filled with memories, emotions, etc.

Here are some more pictures, taken from the same shoot as the one above:

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